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We are professional manufacturer of shoes for over 20 years


We are following the fashion trend every season


We have out own research ano development team whom can make samples according to customer's requrement


We know the source of raw materia and always ues the latest popular ones

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In China, we have offices in Guangdong, Fujian and Shandong which are the main supply chain area of slippers, our purchasing department there can choose the most cost-effective supplier for customers and offer customers with various options with latest styles.

Shandong Jushengguo International Co.,ltd has 12 years experience specializing in the production of slippers,flip flops,sandals,sneakers. With rich experience, our R&D department has the foresight to design the most popular slippers, also they could provide professional suggestions to our customers.​

In abroad, we have warehouse in Angola and Guinea, our business starts there. 12 years marketing experience make us know what consumers like very well, so we can design and give customers suggestions accordingly. Hope our rich experience can help you make hot-selling products.

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