What is the thickness and hardness of your PE slippers?


Hello guys, welcome to my channel, Christina here. Do you want to know the thickness and hardness of the PE slippers? Well, first of all it can be customized. And we usually make for flat heel is 15mm.

And for wedge heel is 13 in the front and 18 at the back. Sometimes there will be waterlines, and waterline thickness is 2mm. And for the hardness, if you want soft, it can be 30 to 35 or 35 to 40.

If you want hard, it can be 50 to 55 or 55 to 60. Ok, let’s test. Ok, let’s get some tests, first this one is a flat heel, you see, it is 15mm in the front and also 15mm in the back.

Next is a wedge heel, see? And it is 13 in the front and 18 at the back. And for the waterline, you see, it is 2mm.

Next for the hardness, see this one is 32, and this one 37, this one 46, this one 49, this is 58. Ok, do you get it? So what is your slippers’ thickness and hardness?