How to choose flip flops?


 1、Herringbone belt generally has the following three kinds of materials: PVC, rubber, TPU;

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(1) PVC herringbone belt: there are many aliases in China, such as plastic (broad sense), resin (broad sense), PVC chemical fiber, etc. the main reason is that people are not willing to let consumers know that they are made of PVC. In fact, PVC is widely used. However, in the mid-1970s, people realized that vinyl chloride (VCM) residual in PVC resin and products is a serious carcinogen, which is closely related to food and health The direct use of skin is less and less, China has no clear regulations on the amount, type and scope of application of PVC, generally speaking, the softer PVC plasticizer content is ultra-high; PVC herringbone belt has the advantages of low cost, which is a very common material for domestic herringbone trailers; disadvantages: PVC grinding feet are easy to age and fracture; PVC rubber belt has the advantages of low cost, which is easy to be used in China;

(2) Rubber herringbone belt: rubber mainly comes from rubber tree. When the epidermis of rubber tree is cut, milky juice will flow out, which is called latex. Natural rubber is obtained by coagulation, washing, molding and drying of latex. Synthetic rubber is made by synthetic method. Different kinds of rubber can be synthesized by using different raw materials (monomers). Rubber material has poor aging resistance, chemical resistance and temperature resistance, and high friction and anti-skid coefficient; rubber herringbone belt has advantages of green environment protection, disadvantages of easy breaking and short service life;

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(3) TPU herringbone tape: thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber. TPU has excellent properties of high tension, high tension, toughness, aging resistance and mold resistance. It is a mature environmental protection material. TPU is increasingly welcomed by people because of its superior performance and environmental protection concept. In 2016, inner Park slippers first applied TPU to flip flops. At present, TPU can become a substitute for PVC wherever PVC is used. I believe that more and more flip flops will use TPU in the future. [3] Advantages of TPU herringbone belt: environmental protection, tenacity, not easy to break, not easy to grind feet; disadvantages: slightly high cost;

(4) Other material herringbone belt: leather and cloth of herringbone belt are used in fashion herringbone clothing, but do not wade in water, and it is not easy to clean;