How to choose cotton slippers


Winter is here, the sandals and slippers worn at home in the summer before should be washed and put away, and it is time to prepare some household cotton fur slippers for winter.

fur slippers

When purchasing cotton slippers, you should mainly pay attention to the following aspects.

Comfort: The first priority is to keep your feet warm and comfortable. After all, the first thing you do when you enter the house is to change your shoes.

Breathability: Many cotton slippers are soft, comfortable and warm to wear, but they are not breathable and moisture-absorbent, and the soles of the feet sweat when you exercise a little, and the inside of the shoes will be wet. Not only the feet are uncomfortable, but also easy to smell after a long time.

cotton slippers

Anti-slip performance: Be sure to pay attention to the anti-slip performance, especially for those who do housework, it would be bad if they accidentally slipped while mopping the floor. And there will inevitably be water on the bathroom and kitchen floors.

Water resistance: Sometimes there is a need for waterproofing at home, such as going to the bathroom to wash something, if the upper is easy to get wet, it is not easy to use. It is also necessary to prepare one or two pairs that are not easy to get wet.